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Rooms develop a design concept based on light, color and functionality .... aided in this by the wide availability of glass surfaces and the choice of colors, with lime, giving motion and health unique. Each room is the result of a study that considered the space, light and exposure to create a specific identity.

“The well finished”

Against the backdrop of a lively red pomegranate we inserted decorated in blue oil placed on a tile with soft gray tones. The bathroom is a masterpiece of craftsmanship culminated in a laying of special "charms" that are wholly coating the shower giving a single glance. This room also offers our guests with disabilities all the benefits of ease and relaxation typical of AI LECCI IN CENTRO.

“The room number 4”

Based on a particular point of powder blue, the focus of the room is the backlight of the tatami bed inserted in the wall panel. A peculiar characteristic is the presence of the chair convertible multipurpose which offers the possibility of a third authentic bed.

The bathroom is characterized by the whole wall mirror and the oval sink resting on quartz.

“The one with the bath outside”

Hit by a wave of Caco Vanilla Orange, it stands out for the partition wing “Bronze Changeling” making the volumes and internal geometries a peculiar challenge to the conventions.

The bathroom traces the changeling, being itself as a niche burning at sunsets in the badlands of Siena.

“The terrace”

The suite is revealed to the eye with its white canopy that rigorously dominates the center of the room, standing out under a blue sky overseas. Light is the second player coming through the large windows or from artificial sources, but always keeping an emotional level unparalleled.

The bathroom, to be equal, comes with a shower to ceiling entirely covered with silver tiles and porcelain double sink laid on blue quartz.

Could not miss the shot of the theater, offered by a semicircular terrace that overlooks the oaks “roccolo”  dominated by the fifteenth bell tower of the Collegiate Church of San Francesco.

“The double single one”

Designedt on the contrast between the Cement Grey and Red Cherry, the chamber is characterized by the presence of two single beds.

The bathroom, separated by a luminous glass door, opens up a whole wall mirror highlighted by a red linear furniture that enhances the geometries

“The last one”

The combination between Olive Green and Wisteria does surround a unique view on the Collegiate Church of San Francesco, which opens like a wing from the room window. The peculiarity of style of nightstands that "eat" the mattress is the distinctive note of a simple and straightforward chamber.

The bathroom is totally reflective thanks to mirror on the wall and through the combination of soft pastel shades of lilac and aubergine



“The hidden one”

“L’Imboscata” is precisely the hidden room, on the ground floor with access to the patio of the B & B. It’s style is minimal but comfortable, with white furniture on hand-planed wooden floors, as opposed to the bathroom, with green swirls lights and a shower adorned with emerald mosaic. Purple walls complete the picture.


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